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I had a couple of images in mind for today’s post. Then I looked at the date. Then I decided not to post one of my own images.

Instead, I present this image. A collage of the (nearly) 3000 innocent victims of the September 11 attacks. The image is not of my making, and I apologize for the lack of attribution. I simply couldn’t find it.

I vividly remember where I was and what I was doing, 9 years ago today, when my country, the United States was attacked by Radical Islamists. I remember watching it unfold on TV in shock, with the rest of the world, unable to make sense of it. The day was a blur of grim imagery.

It hits home where I live, in the Boston area, where two of the ill-fated flights originated at Boston’s Logan Airport. One of the pilots lived in a town adjacent to me and one of the flight attendants on Flight 11, which struck the World Trade Center first, was the sister-in-law of a close friend.

9 years ago today almost 3000 people did what we all do every day. They got up and went to work went to work. Unlike us, they didn’t come home. ┬áPlease take a moment today to remember the 3000.

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