September 17, 2010


[singlepic id=984  h=850 float=center]

The title may not fit exactly, but it was all I could think of. When looking at the original scene I envisioned being lost in this stairwell. The final image only reinforced it for me.

Its Escher-like. Up is down, down is up. Every floor the same. On top of that, you are lost in time. In these buildings you can find artifacts dating back a century or a decade.

Once you start shooting in these buildings its hard to stop. There is something new shoot at every turn. Its a creative maze. Good luck getting out.

I really really love this type of photography.

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  1. This is one of the simpler compositions I’ve seen since I started following you, and IMHO, one of the best. Your use of the available light here is phenomenal.

  2. Superb set of stairs! The framing within the doorway is awesome, and the door itself is opened to the perfect angle to create perfect harmony between all the lines in the image (and the shape of a rhomboid). The colors and balance between the light and dark are sublime, and the bright on the stairs leading upward grab my attention immediately, while the darker stairs leading down still beckon me to the wonder what lies beneath.

  3. Great shot, lots for the eye to explore. You can enter the doorway and work your way up, or you can let your eyes imagine what is down into the dark. Nice work.

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