September 20, 2010

CSC Arches

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Today’s image is a detail shot from the Christian Science Center in Boston, taken from across the reflecting pool.

Yesterday I (along with Brian Matiash) got the chance to play tour guide to fellow photographer  Dave Wilson, visiting from Austin on business.

It always fun to have visitors come into town It gives you a chance to play tourist in your own town. I’ve lived in the Boston Area all my life, but seen very little of the City’s rich tourist attractions. Sure, I’ve SEEN things like the Christian Science Center, but I’ve never taken the time to stop and look.

Thanks to Dave for giving us a reason to enjoy our city as tourists with tripods.

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  1. Nice detail Bob!

    Thanks to you and Brian for showing me around yesterday – it was great fun and I have enough material to keep me post processing for months.

    Interestingly, I went back to the plaza this morning. It was practically deserted except for the 2 security guys who told me that the building is copyrighted and that I need a permit to shoot there, even to post images to a photoblog. It seems odd that no-one was approaching the 100s of people taking pictures there yesterday afternoon.