September 21, 2010

Influence: A Glance Skyward

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I was an Art Major in college, one of those creative types. I took all of the required studio classes – the stuff guaranteed to get you a kick ass job after graduation like Oil Painting 101, and “Life Drawing” (because Corporate America didn’t have enough people on the payroll who could draw a proper nude).

My favorite part of the curriculum may have been studying Art History. When the timeline of any form of art is laid out before you can see how it is all interconnected. There is a clear evolution of styles – the latest style evolving from past influences, and on occasion, someone breaking the mold entirely. Contemporaries took influence from one another, be it friendly, or not so friendly competition.

We are who we are as artists because of the influence of those who came before us and that of our contemporaries.

In the age of Twitter and Facebook it is easy to connect with other photographers. Their latest work can be in your daily RSS feed. Surrounding yourself with the right people in this cyber world provides a daily dose of influence.

That’s a big build up to my commentary on today’s image. It is heavily influenced by my friend, Brian Matiash who has been posting a series of very excellent random iPhone photos of subjects like this. Its a compositional style I’ve always envied and never been able to master.

Brian is one of many photographers whose work I follow through the wonders of Twitter. He’s also a friend and frequent shooting partner. I’m very grateful for the influence I get from Brian and many of the others I follow. They may or may not know who they are. Along the way, I’ll mention them here as well.

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  1. Tnx so much for those kind words, dude. Obviously, the sentiment is mutual.

    I knew you had a solid shot as soon as you started setting up your tripod. Glad to see you crushed it, per usual. This is very much right up my alley in terms of architectural abstract. The moody sky seals the deal.

    I kinda wish I had some of that chocolate that Dave bought right about now. 🙂

  2. This is really fantastic, Bob. I have a feeling I’ll be coming back to this image a number of times today…just can’t stop looking at it!