September 23, 2010


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Something a little grungier than yesterday’s shot.

This shot is is a good representation of why I shoot these mills. Generations of workers raised their families on the wages earned in these buildings. The mills’ history is sordid – the original mill owners built empires on the backs of the woman and children employees, resulting in a the labor movement and much needed reform. Eventually, cheaper labor and other economic forces drove the textile industry south.

The mill buildings that remain standing find new life as hosting new businesses, conversion to apartments, condos, retail and office space, like this one – The Pacific Print Works building. Tucked away in the basement of this renovated Mill is a small section forgotten in time, I found this small cabinet on a wall, in the corner, containing some business forms. Remnants of past occupants.

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  1. Thanks for preserving the dirty cellars and attics of these places as they quickly become sanitized for their 21st century incarnations.

  2. Oh my, this is so evocative of a past time. A little slice of history. I don’t know enough about photography to tell how much post-processing you did on this, but you got it just right. It’s perfect.