September 25, 2010

Ghosts of Storrow Drive

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I shot this image on a whim. Brian Matiash, Dave Wilson and I were winding up our Sunday Boston Bracket session and found ourselves on one of the footbridges over Storrow Drive. I still had my fisheye lens on my camera and decided to put it to use. I didn’t expect much. I wished it was dusk to get the classic light trails.

Overall I liked the composition, so I decided to process the brackets. I caught some motion blurr on the longer end of the bracket set and thought, with some masking, it might be a usable image. To my surprise, I liked it straight out of Photomatix.

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  1. Nice. Odd thing is that I recognized it as Storrow drive just about instantly although I have only been to the Boston area for business purposes. Makes me want to run right out to an overpass with my 16mm.

  2. PS: I was struck with the observation that zillions of those old brick buildings in Boston have no window shade, blinds, drapes or anything. You can look right in one side of a building and out the other with whole legions of “folks” doing what they are doing inside. There must be a lot of opportunities for HDR in those situations because of the extreme range of illumination … but I have never seen it exploited. I always thought that being a brick purveyor in the late 19th and early 20th centuries would have been the high-ticket business in Boston.