September 28, 2010

Ayer Mill Stairs

The architecture of these 19th century mills have a lot in common. With the exception of the Stone Mill, they are all made primarily of bricks and wooden beams. They were built primarily for function, not form. The tall windows and vast open floor space were designed to maximize natural lighting and accommodate the huge textile looms and hundreds of workers who manned them.  I could probably line up a dozen interior shots and you wouldn’t be able to tell which buildings they came from.

But one area where the architects appear to have added some unique character in these beasts is in the stairwells. No two are alike. And all of them are irresistible to me.

The Ayer Mill is the latest mill I’ve had the opportunity to shoot, so I thought I’d add another stairwell shot to my collection.

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  1. Very nice shot. I think one of my favorite parts of the image is the sliver of light hitting the top of the stairs. Interesting space and you captured it well.