September 29, 2010


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This architectural treat is from the Christian Science Center in Boston. It was a shot I knew I wanted to take as soon as I arrived with Brian Matiash and Dave Wilson (visiting from Austin) a couple of Sundays ago.

I saw Dave glaring at it with his keen eye for architectural beauty. Then he grabbed his camera and tripod and started making his way over.  The “Boston” in me wanted to rudely cut him off and beat him to the shot, like a cab driver hustling a fare to Logan at rush hour. But I gave in to the “Gracious Host” side of my personality. I wandered off to another part of the plaza to shoot, returning when Dave had his fill. Guess my mom raised me pretty well after all.

Seriously, if you haven’t checked out Dave Wilson‘s work, you are missing something special. I advise you to visit his site. Great eye, great guy.

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  1. I may have taken the shot first but you posted it first so you get to claim the prize – congratulations! (though I still reserve the right to post my version later).

    BTW, you have excellent taste in architectural compositions 🙂

  2. This one is simply stunning! One of my favorite shots of yours. The composition, lines, tones, angles, textures… simply delicious!! I’m no longer worthy to carry your lens cap!!

  3. Author

    Thanks guys! Appreciate the kind words!

    And Jacques … don’t drop my lens cap. You know … I ask you to do ONE thing, and you can’t even get THAT right! 😉

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