October 15, 2010

Lost River Gorge

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In my wildest dreams, I always envisioned capturing an image like this after days of trekking through the back country and living off the land, seeking out seldom seen sights and photographing them for posterity. Yup, that’s me: Survivorman with a DSLR.

The reality this past weekend is, I was DSLRman with a Toyota Corolla.

My journey to the White Mountains turned out to be more about convenience than adventure. With a 24 hour window and virtually no plan, I opted for road most traveled. I went to Lost River Gorge and shoot with the other tourists.

Lost River is a fun little tourist trap. The river, twists, turns and drops through a quarter mile stretch of tight granite rocks cliffs and caves. All conveniently optimized for revenue generation with man-made steps and boardwalks. It is really a gorgeous stretch. That makes it easy for people of all ages to access its beauty.

I paid my $15 and walked the gorge with my tripod and D700, constantly competing with the rest of New England for the best angle and hoping the foot traffic on the boards wouldn’t ruin my bracket sets.

This shot is of the centerpiece of Lost River Gorge. The waterfall is a 40-50 feet drop and just spectacular.

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