October 25, 2010

The Landing

Another trip to the abandoned school yielded a new old building for Brian, Pat and me to explore. At first glance it didn’t hold much promise. Like all of the buildings on the campus, the windows were all boarded up and the doors appeared to be welded shut. On top of that, this building was fenced in. On closer inspection we noticed a hole in the chain link fence, so we crawled through and made out way to the front door. To our surprise, it was open.

Of course, with the windows boarded up, we expected complete darkness. Maybe we could grab a shot of the foyer, but exploring the building was probably out of the question. Flashlight in hand, I made my way to the base of the staircase and looked up. We had light. I cautiously climbed the stairs and was greeted with this scene. Gaping holes in the ceiling flooded the main rooms with light.


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