November 1, 2010

Trinity Altar

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I’m casting off the demons from my past couple of devilish posts.

This is from Boston’s Trinity Church, taken back in August during a photo walk with my friends, Brian Matiash and Dave Wilson. It was a great day of shooting.

I was testing out my brand new best friend fish eye lens. It never came off the camera while we shot Trinity.

On another note, I apologize for being unresponsive to comments and Tweets. I have been away in DC to watch the Marine Corps Marathon and support the charity team I’m involved with. over the weekend (still there as I type this). Great time. I got just enough photography in to make me want to stay longer, but I’ll be heading home today. And the race was great. Definitely will be running it next year!

I am eager to process and publish some of the shots I took at Arlington National Cemetery on Saturday. The quickly tonemapped versions on my laptop look promising.

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  1. Ah – good memories. The difference between the 15mm fisheye and 14mm rectilinear shots is quite striking. Here’s my 14mm version of essentially the same thing. I cropped off the spotlights, though, since I didn’t like the bright highlight in the top. You, however, have managed to create some great starburst which definitely make it worth keeping them in the shot. Next time, I’ll use a smaller aperture.