November 7, 2010

Off Season: Dolphin Motel

[singlepic id=1069 w=850 float=center]

Hampton Beach, New Hampshire is located about a half hour from my home in Massachusetts.  Its a pretty hopping tourist spot in the summer, along with a handful of other beaches. Growing up in Lowell, it was THE place to hang out in the summer. Its reputation as an affordable vacation spot for blue collar families is evident by the crowds on the each and on the strip. A classic beach strip.

Off season, its a much different place. Its a quiet place. Its a place where an HDR photographer can wander around with his tripod and gear and set up without dodging tourists or security guards. Its a place where , if you want a car in your frame, you may have to use your own. Its a place begging to be photographed as a series.

Let’s call it … um … how about Off Season?

This is the first official installment. The Dolphin Motel, Hampton Beach, New Hampshire.

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  1. Ooooh another Bob Lussier series *licks lips* can’t wait to see some more!!

    Great opening image, Bob. Definitely has a bit of an old horror movie feel, love it!

  2. My grandparents owned this when I was a kid back in the 1960’s. Such a shame to see it look so rundown now. My grandparents took such good care of it.