November 13, 2010

Off Season: Casino Parking

It’ll cost you $5.00 to park at the Hampton Beach Casino. That’s for the day, not just for an hour.

Of course, this time of year its free.

About the series.
I wanted to challenge myself a bit so I decided to shoot the series with only one lens. I’m using the Nikon 24mm PC-E. You may have already guessed that based on today’s shot.

I also wanted to convey a certain mood. I chose to shoot in overcast conditions, to keep the mood cold and almost foreboding. All images are processed in Photomatix Pro with additional post processing in On-One Software’s PhotoTools. On-One is a recent addition to my workflow and I couldn’t recommend it more.

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  1. I like the selective focus that the tilt/shift lens gives you in this shot. I also like how the arrow and parking lot markings draw your eye up to the casino. I would probably have driven through here thinking the light was bad and the subject was boring. You really show how interesting subjects are everywhere if you just take the time to really look and see. Nice!

  2. How much of the selective focus was the lens and how much was FocalPoint. This is a question not a critique. I have been considering the purchase of a TS lens.