November 22, 2010

Super Bon Bon

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Sometimes the title for an image is obvious, sometimes you struggle, and then there are times when it is thrust upon you.  This one was thrust upon me. Its an inside joke. Sorry.

So about the image.

For the past couple of months I’ve been shooting a construction site. Once a week, or every couple of weeks, I’ll pop by and shoot a few brackets of the progress. With all the dust and grit on site, I make a point to shoot with one lens. Not always easy.

Last week it was the fisheye, a lens I’m still trying to master.

After a walk through the main building, nothing jumped out at me, so I decided to hit a spot that I hadn’t hit yet. I didn’t think the parking garage would be of that much interest, but I hadn’t shot it yet, so here we are.

An empty parking garage. Cool.

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  1. Great image Bob! Not having any cars in the frame is a reward for having to drive up to the top level of the garage.

  2. I think the fisheye, combined with your composition including the arrows in the center, works really well for this image. Very nice!

  3. Like the others have said, just love that distortion the lens has given. Really like the straight forward approach to this too and the dominance of the grey helps give the image an overall imposing depressing kind of feel. Great work as always. 🙂