November 24, 2010


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Ahh … the obligatory new/old architecture shot at Copley Square. It was easy pickin’ so I took it.

I waited a while to post this.  It was taken last summer while shooting with Brian Matiash and Dave Wilson. The each of them got a great iconic shot of the scene, for which I hate them both and always will. (kidding, guys). Now that some time has passed, I figured I can show mine.

And still, I link to theirs. When will I learn?

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  1. That’s a very cool version, Bob! Strangely enough, I posted my (rather less wide angle) version shortly after getting back from the trip then discovered exactly the same picture in Dave Nightingale’s “Practical HDR” book (see page 107 – that version was shot by John Maslowski and has a better sky than mine). Great minds think alike, I guess.

    I love the fact that you caught not only the John Hancock tower with the Trinity Church reflection but also the church building itself. Very nice indeed.

  2. Hi Bob, love your image especially with the fisheye lens. The HDR image of mine in the Practical HDR book was one of my first HDR images taken back in the summer of 2007 with Canon’s first Digital Rebel camera. You can see my original image at We have come a long way in digital cameras and HDR software since that time. Seems like some images never grow old. Beautiful job on your image Bob. Take care.