November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving yesterday.

My day started early at the 23rd annual Feaster Five Road Race in Andover, Massachusetts. The race is put on by my running club, the Merrimack Valley Striders and has grown into one of the largest races in New England. Yesterday we passed a milestone – over 10,000 people participated in the race.

My role for the past 12 years has been Race Photographer. That usually means running around like a madman trying to capture all aspects of the race. This year, with the addition of another talented photographer and club member, I decided take a different approach.

I decided to try my hand a time lapse. I thought it would be fun to see 10,000 people fill the starting area and then empty out into the streets. It took about 13 minutes for the filed of 10,000 to cross the starting line. In the course of this video, you’ll see it happen in about 30 seconds.

At the start, I set up on the announcer’s VIP podium (securing my tripod with zip-ties). I used my fish-eye lens in so I could capture the entire field. After the start, I made my way to the finish area and set up on the parking garage roof and shot a couple of sequences of the finish area with my 24mm TS lens.

I still need to add some music, opening and closing credits, but here is the raw video.


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