December 6, 2010

The Lobsterman’s Shack

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From Saturday morning’s shoot in Rockport.

After braving 15 mph winds on the shore, Mike and I decided to go into town to shoot. The temperature was hovering around 30° but the wind wasn’t quite as harsh. But we were greeted by show flurries.

I decided to put my Tilt Shift lens through a workout. I shot everything with a tilt, something I generally try to avoid. I guess I wanted to challenge myself by looking for shots that will showcase the subject and demonstrate the capability of the lens. This is one of them.

I had to look at this shack a couple of times before realizing that, yes, the door is tilted. In fact, I think the whole shack is leaning just a bit. I also loved textures and colors of the the lobster traps, buoys and boat surrounding the shack, but I wanted to key on the door – the element that made me look twice.

I have three or four more T/S images from that day, so brace yourself for Tilt/Shift overload. They will be dropping this week.

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  1. Thanks guys.
    Steve I considered including these Rockport images in the Off Season series, but the town is very much alive. While we were there Lobster boats were being prepped for the day’s catch and many of the shops in the tourist stretch of Bear Neck were open and decorated for the holidays.

  2. Bob, this has to be one of my favorite pieces of work from your collection. The shack itself is utterly amazing, but I cannot get over how great that door is!! Good Lord! GREAT work, my friend!

  3. You had me at tilt, Bo! Like I told you when you let me preview this one, I love it. Can’t wait to see folks’ reaction to the others you shot, each one better than the last!