December 12, 2010

Stone Mill

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I was going stir crazy yesterday. After working from home most of the week and getting out of the house only to get a run in and drive my son to his after school activities, I needed a couple of hours to myself. I really wanted to shoot something.

The Stone Mill beckoned. It needed a fisheye workout.

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  1. Dear Bob:
    Thank you for sharing this, and other, beautiful prints with everyone. You’ve made my day.

    Since you obviously have access to the mills, have you thought about conducting “photo safaris” through them, i.e., small groups of advanced amateur photographers, offering advice and guidance along the way? Perhaps 1-4 weekend afternoons, etc.?

    Sort of “hands on, walking workshops.”

    BTW, I find that color often loses out to B&W, but you’re one of the few whose use of color far surpasses the obvious.


    1. Author

      Thanks for your kind words, Roger. The idea of Mill Photo Workshops has crossed my mind and I may pursue it in the spring. I would need to clear it with a couple of the mill owners. Be sure to check my blog and drop me a reminder if you I don’t mention anything about it.