December 13, 2010


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No visit to Rockport is complete without a shot of lobster pots and buoys.

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  1. These are just great. I always look forward to your new stuff. Would you care to make a recommendation to steer an aspiring HDR photographer towards better work? I shoot a Canon 40D, use PS and Photomatix Pro, but I’m doing everything seat-of-the-pants, and the results are not satisfying to me. I think my original shots are probably pretty useful, but I don’t know enough about the post processing to bring out the potential. Maybe you could recommend a book or web site or something?

  2. I agree the tilt/shift takes this shot to the next level. I also love the weathered, washed-out colors of the lobster buoys, takes me right back to ME.

  3. This is alluring, Bob. Every year, I think that I’ll pick up some buoys to bring home, but they always seem to look best in their native environment.

    This is one of the most evocative lobster-buoy images I’ve ever seen.

  4. I was just about to comment on what I assume is the 24mm PCE. I have the 45 and love it. I would love to hear what you have to hear about your experiences with the 24.

    This is a great image. It makes we want to jump on a plane and explore some fishing towns!

    Mark – I have several free videos on my site that go through various HDR/Post techniques. Feel free to check them out.

    Bob, I hope the link share is cool?