December 13, 2010

Rock Show

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Something a bit different from me for today.

My youngest son, Ryan, plays drums at the local Y’s “Music Club House.”  The Club House brings music loving kids together to learn music, play and collaborate with other like minded kids.

And they don’t just play, they record. They record on state of the art equipment, all donated by Avid Technologies.

Last Thursday night they held an “Open Mic Night” where kids in The Club, with varying levels of talent and representing a wide variety of musical genres were invited to the stage to perform.

I went to the show, primarily to watch my son performing as drummer to the Beatles’ classic, Helter Skelter with two of the instructors filling in on bass, guitar and vocal. For me, it was the highlight of the evening. Not just because my son played but because the song choice was his. Classic Rock. Yes, I raised him well.

I did get some shots of Ryan and the crew playing, but this was the shot of the night – a “screamo” band doing their thing.

I still don’t know what screamo is, but it was loud.

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  1. Ah, to be young and playing the drums again. Some of my funnerest memories are from the bands.

    Don’t knock the ‘screamo’ (a derivative of Emo?) music. It’ll save thousands on therapy somewhere down the line. That’s it, kid, let it out… let it out.