December 16, 2010


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I’ve shot in this section of the Stone Mill dozens of times. Each time, I’ve tried to get a shot that conveys the mood of the room and I’m not sure I have ever been successful. This may be the closest I’ve come to that goal.

The room almost has a sterile feel to it. The walls and ceiling are all white and the floor a light gray. The windows are about 6 feet high, flooding the room with light.  The peeling white paint and random chunks of crumbled plaster only add to the charm.

On the north facing wall is this bright red door leading to the fire escape. When you walk into the room, your eye is immediately drawn to it.

I wanted to highlight the door and capture the starkness of the room. I also had to work with the constraints of the one lens I brought with me (obviously, the fisheye).

Yup. This is may be the closest I’ve ever come to getting this room right.

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  1. A very appealing shot indeed! I love the symmetry and the single colourful element of the door in the centre (so much for rule-of-thirds. Who needs it anyway?). The choice of a fisheye works very nicely for me too.