December 17, 2010


Every few weeks I have to make an early morning run to Portsmouth, New Hampshire for a work related errand. I always bring my camera and take my time driving back down the coast of New Hampshire looking for something to shoot. A few days ago I made the trip on a particularly cold morning. The air temp was about 20°, but the wind chill made it feel well below zero.

As I drove around a bend on Route 1A, I was surprised to see about a dozen cars parked along the sea wall at Rye Beach. I glanced out to the ocean and saw seals — no people — a lot of them. Surfers, donning head to toe wet suits, bobbing on their boards, waiting to catch a cold … er … I mean, catch a wave. Crazy.

Anyway, I decided to stop, brave the temps and shoot this beach cove. Hell, if the surfers can go into the water to surf, I should be able to stand on the shore and take pictures. Right? Well I did. But the surfers lasted longer than I did. I was out of there in 10 minutes. The surfers were still out there. Again, crazy.

Don’t look for the surfers in this image. They were way out, to my left. If I had a long lens with me, I might have tried to shoot them before they froze to death. Instead, I focused on the sand and surf.

On another note, this is kind of a teaser. I’m working on a second edition of my “Off Season” series. It should start hitting the towards the end of January. I have a couple of rules for the series: shoot only on cloudy days (to accentuate the mood); and only with the 24mm Tilt Shift lens (because I like it). This shot fit both criteria, so I could have held it until then, but I really like it and wanted to push it out.

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