December 23, 2010

The Quarry II

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I’ve posted a couple of images from this quarry recently and, undoubtedly, you’ll see more of it. Well, probably not from the depths of the quarry, but at least images of what’s visible from the road.

After business hours, when its dark, the entrance is extremely well lit. Probably to discourage people like me from entering the property undetected. But the areas visible from the road are visually interesting. Its a great spot to stop and grab a few shots.

It might be interesting to see these structures in different weather conditions, different light, and through different lenses. In short, its a new playground. And its local.

This one is a tilt/shift vertical panorama shot with the Nikon 24mm PC-E. Heavy on the shift. Heavy on the tilt.

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  1. I love how you incorporate bokeh in your HDR shots. I haven’t tried that. Right now, I’m keeping it simple and just focusing to infinite. Great shot! Is it a post-processing bokeh?