December 26, 2010

Old Time Hockey

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As we hunker down for a good old-fashioned blizzard, here in the Boston area, I thought a fun hockey shot would be appropriate.

I took this a couple of months ago at a youth hockey game. The kids were all around 8 years old and they flew over the ice with no fear. It was fun to watch.

With the fisheye lens, I was able to get almost the entire rink in the frame from behind the net. So I just camped out for a few minutes and waited for the action to come to me.

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  1. Great job and great perspective with the lens – bet you had to wait a while to capture an image of the kids not playing “Follow The Puck”…great back checking effort and attentive goalie caught here!

  2. This is fabulous! Action, context, distortion – what more could you ask for.

    Keep warm up there and don’t damage yourself while digging anything out from the snow.