December 27, 2010

Webb Lake

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We’re digging out today, after about a foot of snow fell in our area. Not as bad as predicted and not nearly as much as other areas received.

So today’s image is anti-blizzard. Its a shot from the archives, from one of my favorite places. Webb Lake is a small, picturesque lake nestled in Weld, a small town in Western Maine. Throughout my childhood, my family spent two weeks each summer in a cottage on the shore.

This was taken back in 1998, on my first visit back there with my own family. It is one of my favorite shots ever. Probably more for nostalgic reasons than anything else.

In the days of film, I was absolutely horrible about archiving negatives. With this shot I had the wisdom to have it scanned on a high end scanner. A few months ago I imported the file from CD into Lightroom. I did some basic curve adjustments in Photoshop.

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