January 4, 2011

Park At Your Own Risk

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Wily Mo Pena could hit hard. If (the operable word) he got ahold of the ball, it was bound to go far. In 2006, Wily Mo sent one over the Green Monster into this parking lot. It shattering the windshield of a fan who didn’t realize exactly how expensive his trip to Fenway would be that day.

Yeah, I’m still longing for spring. And its only January.

Anyway, about the image. Brian, Pat and I wandered over to this Lansdowne Street parking lot because it looked like a promising urbex location. We spent some time inside, but this was the scene that grabbed my attention. I saw left field lights towering over The Green Monster and desperately wanted to capture them in an image. Compositionally, I wasn’t sure if it was going to work. I ended up stepping back a few feet to incorporate more or the parking lot floor to help lead you into the frame. I also liked the snow bank.

The shot is another two shot vertical panorama, with the 24mm PC-E lens.

As happy as I am with this shot, I really wanted to isolate the lights. So I grabbed one more shot of them. It is, by far, my favorite of the Fenway shots I took on this walk. That one drops tomorrow.

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  1. Great image Bob! I’ve been to Fenway a bunch of times, the latest being the last game of the 2009 season – so unfortunately my buddies who are Sox fans have banned me for life from the stadium. Baseball is no joke in Boston! This is the closest I’ll ever get 🙂

  2. So cold, yet so inviting. No way you could have added the Citgo sign? 🙂 I particularly like the texture on the snowbanks.