January 5, 2011

The Monster’s Mitt

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Whenever a ball is hit towards the Green Monster at Fenway,  it brings the crowd to its feet. Any number of things can happen. It can ring off the wall and stay in play (almost surely a home run in any other park), it can land in the Monster Seats, scattering a few fans or it can sail over everything. Sometimes it hits this structure. It gets caught by the lights. I love when the ball hits the lights. Just like in The Natural.

This is the last of the images I shot of Fenway Park last Saturday night. But I strongly suspect it won’t be my last visit. I had so much fun shooting the park this time of year, I’m sure I’ll be back a couple of times this winter.

On Another Note:
A few weeks ago my friend and very talented photographer, Justin Balog invited me to be a guest blogger on his site. I was more than happy to accommodate him. It dropped today. You can check it out at his site, www.lightasmagic.com.

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  1. My favorite was hit just a bit to the left. I won’t say more for risk of being banned. Great work at the ballpark Bob. I love Fenway even though I root for the Yankees.

  2. Thanks guys. Mark, you won’t get banned unless you actually mention the name “Bucky f—— Dent”. Oops. Now I have to ban myself.

  3. Author

    Thanks Steve much appreciated.

    Mark, I’d love to say I feel your pain, but Dave Roberts steal was the beginning of the end of decades of post-season misery, here in Boston. The ending of the 2003 season was still fresh in our minds. Aaron who?

  4. This image has an almost religious feel to it. That is especially appreciated by all of us members of Red Sox Nation! And, did you hear? Buckner is back! 🙂