January 8, 2011

City Planning

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This was taken the day Brian Matiash and I worked the Pacific Mill Machine shop, last week I think. We shot for a couple of hours in the two relatively small rooms and barely noticed each other. That’s a good thing. If you’ve never seen Brian in person you’d be surprised at how ugly he is impressed with his stealthiness.

Towards the end of the shoot Brian saw me setting up this shot and started laughing. “Of course, you’re shooting that!” he said, then proceeded to show me the brackets  for his exceptional panorama of the same scene. It was not an uncommon occurrence. On almost every shoot I’ve done with Brian (and others) we always seem to wind up with a similar shot. Both good, but different enough to cause me to take a mental note on the framing, DOF or other aspect of the shot. In this case, I never would have thought of shooting a panorama of this scene.

One of my other passions is running. I’m a marathoner. As runners, when we train for a race, we train with runners of similar ability. We can each hold our own in terms of ability, but an innate sense of competition drives us to push a little harder.  Collectively, we pull each other to the next level.

Shoot with a like minded photographer and watch your game improve.

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  1. HA! You are a clown.

    I really enjoy the moody, desaturated processing here. It certainly sets itself apart as its own image. You somehow managed to give the blueprint a denim feel, which rocks… like we were in a Levi’s factory.

    Solid job, my man.

  2. I’m really lovin’ this one, Bob! I think I’m learning I’m really into details shots that include documents and maps. Nice one!

  3. Superb detail perfectly focused on, love the shallow DoF too. Agree with Brian bout the denim feel. 🙂

  4. I’m loving your depth of field on this shot… And all of your shots actually. That’s something I need to do more of, I’ve just started using my nifty-fifty for some recent brackets and I’m liking them, but when I go shoot, I want to try to capture as many angles as I can… and I’m usually in a hurry. I think that’s half my problem… I think I’d be more creative just taking one lens and seeing what I can capture with it. Anyways, I’m really enjoying your work (Although, I seem to get less and less done at my job these days!) Keep it up!