January 12, 2011

The Coming Storm

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Two storms,actually. And two images.

The first was the storm of pucks that Boston put on Ottawa. The final score was Bruins: 6; Senators: 0.

It was a fun night at the Boston Garden … A lot of scoring by the right team and a couple of fights, eh?

But in the back of my mind was the fact that the second storm of the night, a “nor ‘easter” was supposed to roll in blanketing our corner of the world with a couple of feet of snow. Given the history of meteorological accuracy, I was afraid the storm would start long before the “sometime after midnight” the weather psychics predicted.

I was thrilled to exit the Garden and be greeted by dry roads.

I almost always bring my camera to sporting events now. Years ago, cameras were prohibited. Today the fine print on tickets excludes cameras with interchangeable lenses. But I discovered if you bring the camera, one lens, no bag, there are no questions.

So last night it was fisheye fun at The Garden. Inside and out.

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  1. Combining two of my favorite things: hockey and photography! Great stuff, Bob. I got a DSLR with a 70-150 lens attached into the Honda Center in Anaheim last year. They said nothing longer than 7″ and I had the lens pulled all the way back so no issues. Great stuff.

  2. I think I know where that image was taken from. Good thing you had your fisheye. Last time I was at that location, I couldn’t fit my lens between the vertical rail on the fence! Great capture!

  3. Great minds think alike, Bob. As the person who convinced me that a fisheye is an essential piece of kit, I bow to your superior stadium shot from this week 🙂