January 13, 2011

Winter Blue

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We got hit pretty hard with a snowstorm yesterday. For once, it was everything the meteorologists predicted. About 18 inches of snow fell in my area. Much more to the south.

Around dusk, I went down to the local park to do some snow shooting. Snow scenes are not my favorite things to shoot, but I thought I should take advantage of the day.

I wanted to focus on the snow and did grab a couple of shots that I liked, but it really clicked for me when I looked up.

These trees are transplanted from Japan and rare in the US. They are really tall, with long thin, sparse branches. They sway very easily in the wind. When I looked up and saw the motion I plopped my tripod down in the snow and grabbed this shot.

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  1. Beautiful and haunting at the same time. This shot works even better because of the overly saturated blue tones. Almost like waking up in a freezing forest.

  2. I really like this capture Bob – the cool blue tones are one of my favorite things about photography in the snow, and you’ve captured them so well here!

  3. A couple years back I discovered that shooting long exposures of trees in the wind would give you a Tim Burton type effect. You know, the trunks are unmoved but there is all this creepy twigs dancing around. You nailed it here. This is great!