January 18, 2011

Rock Star

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This shot was taken at the Lawrence Y’s Music Clubhouse Open House a couple of months ago. The Clubhouse is a free music program for area kinds. It offer instruction on a variety of instruments and features state of the art recording and mixing equipment.

The kid on lead guitar is Wilfredo, 14 years old. Boy, can he play.  His idol is Eddie Van Halen. He studies and replicates Van Halen solos and also writes his own music. I wouldn’t be surprised if someday he becomes a rock star.

Gotta love the 50mm f1.4. It’s fast and compact. Coupled with the D700’s high ISO performance, its an absolute joy to play with indoors. This was shot at f1.4, ISO 2500.

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  1. I’m looking forward to taking my 1.4 to the Golden Gloves this year. By the way, Wilfredo sounds like an amazing kid (aren’t they all?).