January 20, 2011

Pacific Spiral

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I’ll admit it. I can’t look down a spiral staircase and not shoot it. I can’t fight it. No use in trying.

This one, from the Pacific Mill is no exception. Hypnotically winding up the corner of the building, the yellow and blue stairs were begging for some wide angle love. I was happy to oblige.

I shot the steps with my Nikon 20mm f2.8 lens. I bought it a few years ago to use on my old D80 on a trip. I wanted a small light lens to walk around with. On the crop sensor of the D80, the 20mm behaved more like a 35mm. On my D700, its wide. The combination of the D700 and a compact, fast prime lens can’t be beat.

On another note:
I’ve been prepping the next round of the Off Season Series. I gave a couple of friends a preview of some of the images and if their reaction is typical, I think you’ll like the series. I plan to drop the first image on Sunday, Jan 24 and run the series for two weeks.

More notes on the series in the next couple of days.

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  1. I know what you mean about spirals, I feel the same. Have you ever been to the top of The Monument in London? You’d like that one!

    I like the colours you have going on here – a very satisfying spiral if ever there was one.