January 21, 2011

Tools of the Trade

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The Pacific Mill Machine shop’s primarily served as a pipe threading shop. Its not very clear in the images I’ve presented from there so far. In fact, I’m not sure any of the images I’ve gotten so far or any that I plan to take can accurately illustrate that. One threading machine dominates the room. Behind it are these delicate precision tools lining the wall.

Exactly how they are used, I can’t imagine.

On another note:
We got hit with another foot of snow overnight. I am contemplating a trip to the beach tomorrow morning for a quick addition to Off Season, which starts on Sunday. The trip may not happen, given the predicted temperatures (below zero).

For this second round, the images mostly from the Salisbury Beach area. Just a couple of miles south of Hampton Casino. Salisbury is also in Massachusetts, not New Hampshire.

You’ll find that Salisbury has an entirely different feel than Hampton.

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