January 23, 2011

Off Season: Lifeguard Parking Only

Welcome back to Off Season, my series of cold seacoast images guaranteed to make you long for summer.

For the next couple of weeks I’ll present images from the coastal communities of Salisbury Massachusetts primarily, but will extend into New Hampshire as well.

Salisbury is different from Hampton, the focus of the first set of Off Season images. It’s “boardwalk” area is far less vibrant than Hampton’s. There are more year-round residents and fewer motels. There are also more businesses open year round in Salisbury than Hampton, on average.

Today’s shot is the beach-front parking lot at Salisbury. There is no doubt the Lifeguard can find a place to park.

If you are new to the Off Season Series, be sure to check out the first round here.

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  1. Really liking your approach to this project you’re on, going out in less than clement weather is certainly challenging and makes you think about how to use the dull flat lighting to ones advantage. I must say you’re doing a great job so far. Love the use of selective focus to concentrate the eye on the main feature.

  2. Not sure that the lifeguard will be out in his swimmers – it looks pretty desolate, you’ve captured the atmosphere really well. The TS really brings out the subject.
    Well done on seting yourself the challenge of a one lens series – hopefully you’ll really gain from forcing yourself to do this.