January 25, 2011

Off Season: Arcade

Truth be told, Salisbury Beach is not what it was when I was a kid. I remember an extremely vibrant boardwalk scene, a small but bustling amusement park and lots of concession stands.

The amusement park rides are now a parking lot, literally. The concessions are fewer and the boardwalk is, well. Not much.

Still, Salisbury is on the ocean. During beach season It draws people to the rental cottages and to the state park.

In the off season, several businesses remain open to catering to the year-round residents. You can get a pizza at one of the stands, or a beer and sandwich in one of the neighborhood bars.

Probably not a lot of locals looking for an arcade fix in January.

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  1. Bob, I think arcades in general are not what they used to be. Too many people can hit the video games at home! I used to love these gems. Great image. You’ve caught the off-season feel no doubt!

  2. What a compelling image and the blog today is really profound. This fall we returned to the city I grew up in too, hadn’t been there in about 30 years… I could barely recognize it to be honest. Great photograph Bob, thanks for sharing!

  3. I’ve also recently re-visited a place i was stationed at in the Air Force and oh boy what a change – off season is good for contrast though.

    You’re doing a good job of catching the dessolate mood in this series.