January 27, 2011

Off Season: The Yellow Cottage

I love how this little yellow cottage is tucked between two big multi unit buildings at the back end of the parking lot. Beach front property is prime real estate, no matter the size!

The leading lines of the cables and the edge of the parking lot may have been enough to isolate the cottage, but I went the extra mile. I chose to use the Shift feature of the 24mm PC-E lens to really draw you in. Hope it works for you.

I found this cottage on the last street in Salisbury. It’s dead end street, abutting Salisbury Beach State Reservation, from where I shot yesterday’s image of this same street. This little stretch of road had some pretty interesting things to shoot. As you’ll soon see.

Given the extensive snow fall in yesterday’s image, I should also note that this (and most of the images this round) were shot a couple of weeks back.

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  1. The theft of comments here is very disturbing. Something should be done about that. Seriously, Thanks very much guys. I appreciate it. Very glad you are enjoying the series.