January 29, 2011

Off Season: The Marsh

This unrelenting deluge of snow we’re getting on the east coast this winter has me longing for the crisp, drab days of Autumn, so I thought I’d bring you back there. 

This shot was taken in early December, before the snow started choking the roads in this area. The marsh sits off of Route 1A, which runs along the coast. This stretch of the road is right near the border of Salisbury, Massachusetts and Seabrook, New Hampshire. I’m not quite sure what state I took this from.

This shot was an afterthought. I thought I was finished with my quick morning shoot when I glanced to my left. The high water in the marsh caught my eye. I wasn’t going to stop. I already had a similar shot from the first round of the series, but “What the hell,” I thought, so I pulled over.

I trudged a few yards into the marsh and set up at about the point the ground started getting a little too mushy and grabbed a couple of shots. You’ll see the second shot tomorrow – with an added bonus.

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  1. Wow, that sky is awesome, I love the detail you get in the distant houses. Stunning image, I can’t wait to see some ground again – no more snow!

  2. There is so much wonder in this image Bob, where do I start… definitely the sky is a major element of drama here. LOVE the detail in the marsh and the little homes situated about.

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