January 30, 2011

Off Season: The Marsh II

So I had a dilemma. When I took the shot I posted yesterday I was torn between shooting the cottages to my left and the open marsh to my right. Well, I wasn’t really torn. I knew I would shoot both. I just rotated my tripod head and grabbed the second shot.

It wasn’t until I processed them both that I realized they might make a good panorama. For that I used Photoshop’s Automate > Photomerge feature.

The added bonus of the combined image is the striking resemblance to Arizona’s Horseshoe Bend. OK, so maybe it lacks some the drama Horseshoe Bend, and there was no danger of falling to my death, but my feet did get wet standing in the shallow of the marsh!

For a larger version of either, just click on the image.

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