February 1, 2011

Off Season: Beach Front

[singlepic id=1218 w=850 float=center]

We’re bracing for more snow over the next couple of days so I thought this shot from last week’s snow storm would be appropriate for Off Season.

This is a shot that I won’t forget taking. I trudged through knee deep snow down to the beach. Since it was low tide, I was presented with a miles long blanket of fresh snow. I walked down to the waterline and turned around to this scene.

I’ve lived all my live in New England and have been to the beach countless times. But I had never seen it like this. I had never experienced it like this.

Cold. Silent. Serene.

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  1. Can’t believe the amount of snow you’re getting at the moment, I know it’s a real pain in the arse. Photographically however its a golden opportunity to get out. Make the most if it and wrap up well! A nice addition to the series. Making my shiver just looking at it.

  2. This is astonishing. I went and grabbed myself some electric undies just from having LOOKED at this photo, Bob! Now, THAT’S cold. Perfect capture here, you’ve really brought the sense of the scene to your viewer. Great photo.

  3. Thanks guys. i appreciate the comments.
    @Chris … the storm did appear to be mostly off-shore. I really loved the dark clouds over the ocean. That’s what you are seeing on the right.

  4. I am digging this addition to the series. It have a totally unique vibe. I love the sparse composition and your decision to remove the viewer from the homes. Very cool…or should I say cold?