February 4, 2011

Off Season: The Dolphin

[singlepic id=1221 w=850 float=center]

Not to be confused with The Dolphin Motel, the image that started this series back in November.

The Dolphin is one of a few establishments that remain open year round in Salisbury. Of the ones that do, I would have to guess that about half of them are bars. There are also a couple convenience stores and, surprisingly enough, a couple of pizza stands – at least as of early December. Its hard for me to believe they are open with 4′ mountains of snow in front of them.

The final image in this series drops tomorrow. Fitting, I guess, considering we are expected to get more snow. My area and Salisbury Beach, 30 minutes from me are on the wintery mix line. We’re expected to get 5-8 inches of snow. Normally I’d say, “bring it on!” but this winter, I’m screaming “UNCLE!”

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  1. It looks kind of funny next to those shuttered up stores. Our off-season here gets a little quiet, our city is definitely a tourist destination, but it doesn’t get as quiet as your area Bob. You have most excellent photo opportunities and you capture and process them perfectly. I love this series, and am sorry to hear it’s over tomorrow! Thanks for sharing all the photos and anecdotes.