February 5, 2011

Off Season: The End of the Road

[singlepic id=1222 w=850 float=center]

This is the shot that almost didn’t happen. A few weeks back I wrote about driving the half hour of so to the beach, anticipating a fruitful day of shooting. I scouted out this shot, popped my trunk only to discover I left my gear at home. So I went home, grabbed my camera bag and headed back.

This was the shot that made me decide to go back. It is literally the end of the road at Salisbury Beach, where the asphalt gives way to sand and dunes.

I think it’s fitting that I end the Off Season series here.

I have thoroughly enjoyed presenting this series and have been overwhelmed by the reaction to it. I want to thank everyone who commented, re-tweeted, or simply popped in to take a look at the latest.

The series is over, but more images from the coast will make their way onto my blog. It remains one of my favorite places to shoot.

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  1. Fantastic way to wrap up, Bob. I have truly enjoyed this series a lot and am looking forward to more of your work from this area. You’ve really captured the pure essence of the area in the winter time when it’s quiet. In my minds eye, I imagine things look radically different around here mid-July. Fantastic work, Bob, loved it.