February 6, 2011

Trippy Green

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Here is another image from my fisheye adventure at the Stone Mill a couple of months ago. It was really an afterthought. The scene didn’t particularly strike me as “fisheye friendly” the first couple of time sI walked through this room.

On the third pass my eye caught the light and cast shadow from the far window. The thought, “Ok. I’ll take that.”

On Another Note:
This winter has been killing me. The frequent show storms have sapped my motivation to get outdoors to shoot (Off Season series aside). I spent some time in my home town of Lowell, MA last weekend and walked away with nothing usable. There was a lot of potential, but the dirty snowbanks ruined things for me. So, while I’ll still try to motivate myself to get out, I may spend some time going through old brackets to create new images over the next few weeks.

That might be an interesting exercise.

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  1. You need an overlay of Neo from the Matrix…this makes me think of when he flexed at the end of the movie and the walls warped out 🙂


  2. I really like this – the processing works really well.
    I feel the same about getting out there sometimes, it soon passes and although frustrating, you know that the good feeling about shooting will soon return. The changing seasons are challenging and give different options and issues. If all else fails I’m sure you’ve plenty of archive shots to sort through.