February 8, 2011

Austin Church

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Back in 2004, I had the unique opportunity to run in a charity relay from San Francisco to Boston. Each of the 11 runners on TREK USA ran an average of about 20 miles per day for 25 days. Basically we saw the country at 7 miles per hour. If you are a frequent visitor to the Blog, you’re familiar with the event. We raised over $300,000 for various local charities benefitting children. Simply put, it was an amazing, life changing experience.

When I wasn’t running, I could usually be found with camera in hand shooting the other runners, or some of the great scenery along the way. OK … I slept a bit, too.

One of our stopping points was Austin, Nevada, on Route 50 (the loneliest road in America). The town’s population was under 200, the High School graduation class the previous year was, I think, 8. It was built around the discovery of a silver mine in the 19th century. At its height, Austin boasted over 10,000 residents.

The people there were among the friendliest, most hospitable people I’ve ever met. The owner of the (only) inn laid out the red carpet for us with a big pasta dinner the night we arrived, and a big breakfast before we started running the following morning. A couple of beers in the 19th century, old western style bar didn’t hurt either.

Anyway, today’s image is an infrared shot of the only catholic church in Austin. Evidently, there were no more Catholics in Austin. The church had been closed for some time.

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  1. Holy Toledo, what an amazing photo and accompanying blog article Bob!! I really enjoyed it today. I love these old buildings, the architecture has so many points of interest. Great capture!!

  2. Wow. Nice shot and article. I can’t believe you ran that far for 25 days straight! Crazy! Really digging the image. Do you have a converted camera or did you do this in post?

  3. Fantastic image Bob! I love all the stories you post from this adventure. As a runner, and lifestyle fitness guy, I am totally envious of your adventure. I would love to go for a run sometime!