February 11, 2011


Here is the second entry of the reprocessed images from this 2009 shoot. I’m sure someone can guess what the subject is from this one. If not, tomorrow’s post will definitively reveal the answer.

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  1. Great shot! My old church used to have a huge tracker organ and I would have loved to get into the guts to do some shooting. The organist was, rightly, rather protective of his baby and the thought of me blundering about amongst the pipes was probably very scary indeed.

  2. Author

    Bingo! You win NOTHING! Thank you for playing!
    Seriously, Dave … The only reason I was able to crawl back there was because the organ had been silenced. The church had been shuttered. I’ll post another image from it tomorrow and provide some more background.

  3. Seriously? I thought there were prizes involved! I must say, however, the intrigue was fun. I think anyone would have been hard pressed to come up with the answer from yesterday’s image. Nice piece of cloak and dagger work, Bob. Was this Church in Lowell?

  4. When this post started loading in my news reader, the title appeared about 2 seconds before the picture loaded. As soon as I saw the title, and remembering yesterday’s challenge, I thought Pipe Organ. Congrats to John for getting it first, and I never could have guessed the actual church.

  5. Thanks, everyone! I am honoured to receive this fabulous, non-existent prize!

    By the way, Bob, I love the organ shots – very creative.

  6. Based on an email exchange, it seems that not everyone realised that I was joking about the whole “who guessed first” thing. For the record, I was completely joking and had no intention of offending anyone. It makes absolutely no difference to me who guessed the right answer first (even though I know who it was) πŸ™‚

    (also joking. I wonder when someone will come up with a commenting system that conveys tone of voice?)