February 12, 2011

The Pipes

First of all, thanks to everyone  who played along with my “guess the subject” game. It was fun. Now that the cat is out of the bag, I can provide a little context.

Back in the fall of 2009 I was driving through Lowell, MA with a friend when we noticed a work crew in a small building next to the old St John the Baptist Church. It had been shuttered by the archdiocese of Boston a couple of years before, along with several other local churches.

We stopped and chatted with the carpenters, then met with the real estate developer who bought the place. They were in the process of converting the church rectory to condos but at that point, had no solid plans for the church itself.

He offered to give us a tour of the church. As soon as I set foot inside and saw the magnificent pipe organ on the third level, I asked if I could return and spend some quality time shooting. Much to my delight, the answer was yes.

When I returned, I had free reign. There were no limitations, nothing was off limits. The images I’ve been presenting over the past couple of days are of the guts of the organ — a series of finely tuned pipes hidden behind the ornate facade in the choir loft.

Tomorrow, I’ll take you out front.

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