February 14, 2011

Used Car

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Slightly used, low mileage.

Yesterday was a road trip day in my household. My wife, youngest son and I made the trek to visit my middle son at college for dinner. We made a detour to a buffalo farm in Rutland, MA. They raise and, um … cultivate grass-fed buffalo. Yup. You heard that right. And this is Massachusetts, not Colorado. As we approached the farm, I spotted this car half buried in the snow. I asked at the store if the cars were part of the farm and if so, permission to shoot them. She said no, they weren’t the farm’s, but she suggested I shoot them anyway, insisting the owners (her friends) wouldn’t mind.

The timing was good. A couple of weeks ago, this car, like some of the others on the property, would have been completely buried.

On another note:
Don’t miss the latest edition of HDR Collaboration. This week’s edition is hosted by my friend, Jacques Gudé, who also provided a stunning set of brackets for us all to play with. There is a great story behind the location that you won’t want to miss.

In addition to Jacques and me, you’ll find interpretations by Mike Christwell, Jim Denham, Rob Hansen, and Brian Mariash. Damn, that’s some good HDR company.

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  1. What kind of warranty does this come with? Does it have power windows? I really need cruise control for my daily commute, how does this work on this car? LOL This is a great image Bob. I love cars, and you’ve really captured a very compelling scene here. And, you’ve processed it just perfectly.

  2. Though it a shame to see these old motors rot away it does make for fantastic photos as your shot here illustrates perfectly. Cool to see it buried in so much snow too. GREAT!