February 22, 2011

The Burren

[singlepic id=1252 w=850 float=center]

Our family trip to Ireland a few years ago produced many memories, but precious few photographs. Sure, plenty of great family snapshots, but few “photographs.” You know what I mean.

There were a few reasons for it but mostly, it had to do with the whirlwind nature of the trip. We were tourists, and my family didn’t have the patience to let me stop every 10 minutes for a photograph. Who could blame them. We only had a week and we had a whole country to see.

Anyway, I started going through the images again. Through the wonders of Photoshop, onOne software and other tools, I am attempting to overcome the high ISO I shot at, and leverage the drab conditions I shot in to produce images worth presenting here. OK … I at least want to process these into something I like.

If you like them too, that’s a bonus.

This is the first…Just a shot of a road along the Burren.

I’ll be folding a few more Ireland images mix as I get to them.

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  1. My wife being from Ireland, we go over there quite frequently. It can be hard to overcome the neverending grey skies, depsite some idealic scenery. You’ve done it masterfully here! Really like the photo!

  2. Great shot, Bob! I bet that trip was a lot of fun! I’d like to go next year and spend 2 weeks there. Did you find you were crunched on time?

  3. @Chris – We were a little pressed for time. We spent a week, but the first couple of days were centered around the Dublin Marathon, which I ran. Then 4 days of carefully planned, but somewhat hurried sightseeing. Great trip, but too short. Two weeks would be ideal!

  4. Hey Bob,
    Great image! We were there in the fall for the Cliffs of Moher 1/2,..next year it will be a full and the scenery on the run is fantastic! Make it if you can,….Great place to take your camera!!, thanks for the great pic!

  5. Great capture Bob. I`m lucky to be living in Ireland and I intend to see a lot more of it in the coming years now that the kids are grown up (almost). It`s a small country but there`s lots to see. The road network has improved vastly over the last few years which makes getting around a lot easier.