March 8, 2011


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I have been eyeing the shot for several months. The roofline of the Stone Mill is unique among the mills of Lawrence. Actually, its one of very few building like it in the country. I wanted to do it justice.

This panorama of the was not easy to get, and technically speaking, its really not a panorama. There is only a narrow courtyard/parking area separating the Everett Mill from the Stone, so getting a proper panorama of the building is next to impossible. Without being able to get far enough back to shoot and pan, or use my T/S lens and shift the lens, I went the fisheye route. It was the only way to capture the entire length of the roof.

After cropping the image to highlight the roofline, I ran the image through onOne Software’s Perfect Resize to boost the resolution.

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  1. You’ve done it wonderful justice, Bob, what a jaw-dropping image! It really poses an ominous outline to the sky in the image, I love all the details that pop out here. I really really love old stonework, and this building has it in spades, my friend. AWESOME image!