March 16, 2011

Look at the Time!

[singlepic id=1279 w=850 float=center]

The Ayer Mill Clock the largest mill clock in the world, and only about six inches narrower in diameter than London’s Big Ben. It towers over the city.

The clock is officially maintained by the Essex County Community Foundation, who graciously provided me access to it last fall and specifically by Charlie Waites, my guide, who has kept the clock on time since 1998.

I tried my best to get one shot that captures the enormity of the “inner chamber” of the tower, and this is my best offering.

While I posted a couple of images from this shoot, as well as the full gallery at the time, I had never actually featured this image on this blog.

Thought this was a good time to do so, since I’m in the process of putting together images for a show at the Lawrence History Center in May. Well, actually, we’ll start hanging images as soon as they are printed, but official events will take place in May.

I was hoping the good people at LHC had some specific images in mind, but (trusting, as they are) they are leaving it up to me.

I gave it a lot of thought and, after resisting the urge to exhibit a dozen images of stairs cases and stairwells, I came up with a plan.

Since May is Preservation Month, it is only natural that I present a cross section of images that showcase the mills in their preserved glory. After all, its the reason I started doing this —  to record the mills as they are today, so we can remember tomorrow.

This image will make the show.

On another Note:
Thank you for playing the Random Rock Lyric Game yesterday. It was a tough one.
The correct answer is “All the Young Dudes” by Mott the Hoople (a glam rock band, early 70s). The song was written by David Bowie, who originally offered to let them record Suffregette City. They turned it down.

This week’s winner is Mark Garbowski, who guessed T-Rex. Wrong answer, but T-Rex and Mott the Hoople were both Glam Rock bands from the UK, so close enough. Thank you for playing.

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  1. What an awesome scene. I’m liking the perspective on this shot. It is crazy to see all that goes into just turning the clock hand and lighting the clock faces. Amazing!!

  2. Once again I am too obscure and indirect for my own good. The phrase “I got T-Rex” was not meant to indicate that I thought the song was by T-Rex, but it is another line from “All the Young Dudes,” and I was trying to signal that I knew the answer while letting others continue to play. A perfect example of clever gone wrong. But hey, I’m still the winner! Woo hoo!

  3. This is awesome Bob – really really well done. So many differing things going on in this image, and you’ve pulled it all together nicely with a great comp.

  4. Gorgeous photo and subject matter! As a big lover of clocks and all manner of artifacts relating to time, this is a wonderful image.

  5. Your images are so awesome Bob… but I have to admit, I just LOVE your blog too! A real highlight for my day, for sure. Great entry today! I am thrilled with your upcoming exhibition, I think that’s great. Love today’s image… I think you captured the scale and enormity perfectly here!

  6. Great shot Bob! I like the depth here and how the ceiling disappears into black, and yet I can see so much detail in everything. My favorite aspect of this is how the clock faces (behinds?:) go from warm to cyan to cool [right to left].