March 20, 2011

The Crew

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I spent this past Friday photographing the staff at the Smuttynose Brewery, in Portsmouth, NH. Yup, combining two of my favorite things – photography and craft brewed beer. It doesn’t get better.

I had no intention of shooting HDR when I walked in, but Joanne, Smuttynose’s Marketing Guru had other ideas. After setting up this shot of the brew crew, she specifically asked if I could do the HDR thing. Who am I to object?

I asked these guys to hold still and blasted off some brackets. They obliged. Rock stars.

While HDR is not exactly the go-to technique for portraits, I really like the effect combined with the pose here. If Smuttynose had a reality show, this would be the promo.

The day went better than I could have hoped. Joanne is a wonderfully creative marketing professional who had clear objectives and great ideas. JT, Smutty’s Minister of Propaganda, did double duty as as task master and speed-light sherpa. The staff was eager, cooperative and patient.

I’ll post more images from this fun shoot later this week. In the meantime, check out Smuttynose online. If you like beer, grab a six pack of Smuttynose. Good stuff.

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  1. Really like this Bob! You’ve done a wonderful job of combining the reality of the crew and the special characteristics of an HDR image! well done!

  2. Just wondering if you put up more photos of this yet. This came out great!